Crosman 2250B

On these hot, summer days in the desert, shooting outdoors is problematic for me. This summer, I decided to set up an indoor air pistol range in my home and keep my shooting skills sharp until cooler weather returns. Much to my chagrin, I found that my 60 year-old arms were no longer capable of cocking my HW70A air pistol. CO2 seemed like a good alternative, so I scoured the Web looking for the right pistol.


Beeman R7 and the Ground Squirrels

A couple of years back, I bought a Beeman R7 air rifle in .20 caliber. I had owned one back in the late 1980's that was .177 caliber, but I foolishly sold it for a song. Anyway, I bought the rifle with the idea of trying some urban varminting. I figured the .20 would have a little more downrange punch than a .177.


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