Anschutz 1418

I bought my Anschutz 1418 back in 1984, if I remember correctly. It was during my period of sampling various .22 rifles in search of the rifle. That full-length Mannlicher stock just drips cool factor. I read once that they were designed to protect the barrel while negotiating the rough mountains encountered in chamois hunting. While chamois stalking up alpine landscapes is not likely in my future, I bought it because of its looks. It cost a bit over $400 and put quite a dent in my regrets.


Remington 580

My first .22 LR rifle was a Marlin/Glenfield bolt action repeater that I bought at a discount department store in Miami, Florida. I was in my late teens and had only fired my Dad's Savage Model 24 once prior at the age of 11. Heading to the range, I had visions of small groups at long distances...yeah, right. I was getting on the paper, but the cases were sticking and the stamped metal extractor was not extracting. This was after about 10 shots.


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